Bear Mountain Games is excited to announce the release of its third hit game, Dirty Rotten Scalpers™

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Dirty Rotten Scalpers™ is your front row ticket to backstreet bargains, bribes, and busts.  To win, you’ll need to wheel, deal, and even steal when buying and selling tickets to sold-out events.  Sounds like a pretty simple hustle, right?  Not so fast.  Around every corner lurks another ruthless scalper plotting to score a piece of your action.  And sooner or later, you’ll meet a bunch of nosy cops who will stop at nothing – short of a delicious donut – to bust your hard-earned deal. 

In Dirty Rotten Scalpers™, simple strategy and pure luck cleverly combine to deliver high-speed hilarity and family-friendly fun.  Psst …. Anybody need tickets?

Dirty Rotten Scalpers™ is now available online at Amazon and eBay, as well as at a growing number of retail stores across the nation.